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Виртуална карта от Централна Кооперативна Банка
Виртуална карта от ЦКБ Централна Кооперативна Банка

About us

EasyPay AD

EasyPay AD is an operator of the payment system, which allows in real time the effecting of money transfers and payments to each point of the country. The company is part of the Datamax System AD holding, which has twelve years of experience in the production of banking software and building up of payment systems and is a recognized leader in the field on an international level.

EasyPay AD has a license from Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), for the performance of the service “postal money remittance" on the territory of the whole country. The company activity is coordinated and performed under the supervision of CRC. EasyPay AD has a license from the Bulgarian National Bank as a “payment institution", with which it became the first non-banking company, provider of postal money remittances, which has a license for a payment institution from the Bulgarian National Bank according to the Law on the Payment Services and Payment Systems /LPSPS /.

EasyPay AD has built up a network of the offices of banks, big commercial chains, business – centers, other organizations and own counters, where a great number of payment services are offered. At the moment the number of offices exceeds 830, whereas by the end of the year this number is expected to increase considerably. EasyPay allows clients to effect payments and money transfers from an office convenient to them, regardless in which point of the country they are located, saves clients time and funds, ensures security and reliability for all types of payments.

Central Cooperative Bank Plc

Central Cooperative Bank Plc is a universal commercial bank with an emphasis on retail banking. CCB PLC is the servicing bank of EasyPay AD with regard to the issuance and servicing of the payments to VISA virtual cards. The bank issues the VISA prepaid virtual card, which EasyPay provides to the client for use. Our goals include: offering new and sophisticated products and services, development of the card business, keeping our position in retail banking and the development of new strategies in answer to the various needs and requirements of clients. We devote our efforts to the satisfaction of clients. We invest in knowledge, technology and offer modern banking services at a competitive price.

Central Cooperative Bank Plc is a member of the prestigious global card organizations VISA Europe and MasterCard International. The Bank issues and accepts the international VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards. At the end of 2009 the total number of cards, issued by the bank, exceeds 748’500. According to the number of issued VISA cards CCB is among the first four leading issuers in Bulgaria. CCB is an absolute leader in the acceptance of credit and debit cards in the e-commerce in Bulgaria and occupies the undoubted first place among all Bulgarian banks in terms of volume and number of transactions on the Internet. The market share of the Bank at the end of 2009 exceeded 85% of the amount of payments on the Internet and 91% of the number of all payments.

With the introduction of the virtual credit card the two institutions once again affirm their positions as leaders in the development of the payment instruments and in their desire for the development of electronic payments and the introduction of contemporary services for the Bulgarian user.

Take the fastest VISA virtual credit card from CCB and EasyPay AD and enjoy the shopping on the Internet now!