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Виртуална карта от Централна Кооперативна Банка
Виртуална карта от ЦКБ Централна Кооперативна Банка

Reliable Online purchases with the fastest VISA prepaid virtual card!

The virtual card is a prepaid card bearing the logo of VISA, with which you can shop freely in the world wide web, at all sites, bearing the logo of VISA. For the first time you may have a credit card only 15 minutes after the card ordering! Take advantage at the moment, in which you want to make your online purchases. The virtual card has only a number and does not have a physical carrier. You receive the details about your card online upon an application on the Internet. Upon an application at an office of EasyPay or a branch of CCB the first part of your card number you receive immediately, and the rest and the security code with SMS to your mobile phone. In this way the card details are split and only you will dispose with full information about it.

You may purchase the virtual card and subsequently credit it or via another of your cards:

Credit your card with any amount from BGN 20 to BGN 2000. You can credit your card before each distinct purchase. In this way you additionally protect your card. What is the purpose of the virtual card?

  • To pay for goods and services on the Internet at Bulgarian and international sites
  • To play and make fun on the Internet.
  • To book hotels, buy airplane tickets or rent a car.
  • To order and pay on the phone and via e-mail
  • To receive your profits in the virtual card and easily withdraw them
  • To pay in any currency

What are the special advantages of the most contemporary virtual credit card from CCB?

  • You receive it quickly and easily, saving time and effort
  • You do not open a bank account for the card
  • Security and protection of your on-line payments – you may credit your card with the necessary amount immediately before each shopping.
  • Additional protection – SMS for each card use
  • A possibility for quick crediting of the card in a cash manner or via another of your cards at

You may check your card availability, registering at the web site.
The unutilized part of the funds, with which you have credited the card, you may obtain at the moment you choose at an office of EasyPay or CCB up to your discretion. If you receive the profit to the card, you may withdraw it cash or again shop with the card.


For additional information: 02/ 9266500 and 080011400, the offices of EasyPay or of Central Cooperative Bank.